The Merseyside outfit have been slammed with a massive ten-point deduction for violating the Premier League’s profit and sustainability rules.


Everton are currently 19th in the league table with four points and they have an uphill task on their hands to avoid relegation at the end of this term.




Dyche revealed that the players are still clear about what they want to achieve as a team and as a collective and they are more fired up with the current situation.


The Toffees manager stressed that bad news cannot faze the players because they are used to receiving bad news as they have fought to avoid relegation in the last two seasons.



“I don’t think bad news is going to affect them too greatly because they are used to having some bad news”, Dyche told a press conference when he was asked how much the points deduction incident has affected the players.


“This is a different kind of a bad news, quite obviously and somewhat out of their hands.



“And the focus about what we are trying to achieve as a group is still there.


“You know, nothing that’s been pleasing for me as a manager this season.


“The response with their performance against Manchester United, because I think that was a good performance, apart from the obvious, not winning.


“The response from that point of view was very pleasing.


“I think there is a situation, I think all the players if not anything else, galvanized even further.”


Now it remains to be seen if the Everton players will be able to guide their team to Premier League safety despite the bad news of the points deduction.