Inside Futbol (IF): Lorenzo, Rangers have won the Scottish Premiership. Are you happy? Have you followed their matches this season?


Lorenzo Amoruso (LA): I’m extremely happy, I have seen many Rangers games, I’m very happy.


The team have been consistent, even last year they did well in the [Old Firm] derby, but they lost a lot of points in other matches.


It was lost concentration, while this season [Steven] Gerrard has been able to work on the players’ heads.




Also in Europe, Rangers are doing very well. In Glasgow I saw that there was a good party after nine difficult years, I’m really pleased.



IF: In an interview, you said that your heart is still in Glasgow. What is special about your relationship with Scotland?


LA: For an Italian to go to Scotland is not easy, initially the journalists had a bad opinion about me.


I was Catholic, I was put in a bad light, but I worked quietly. I answered on the field, starting with training.





There is a love with fans that will never end, for me it was a beautiful wedding.


I wanted to finish my career there, but the club needed the money. My years at Ibrox were wonderful.



IF: Would you like to go back to work at Rangers one day?


LA: Sure and I hope! I often talk to the club, I have always told them that if they need a person in Italy, I am there.


I have always tried to advise on some players.


I have three teams in my heart: Bari, Fiorentina and Rangers.



IF: Who was the strongest player with whom you played in Scotland?


LA: I played with a lot of strong players, but maybe [Brian] Laudrup and [Paul] Gascoigne, but there have been others.


At Rangers I had many strong team-mates.