Inside Futbol (IF): Ronald, what do you remember about your experience with Rangers?


Ronald de Boer (RdB): It was such a beautiful experience.


The fans were incredible and the team were very strong.


Glasgow is a nice city, the people were friendly. My memories are all positive.




IF: Steven Gerrard’s side won the title after Celtic held it for nine years. Have you followed some of the Light Blues’ games? Are you happy?


RdB: I’m very happy for Rangers.


It has been a difficult nine years for the Gers fans, Celtic dominated those seasons.


It is a well-deserved title, because the team are young and strong, well trained, and have had an extraordinary journey.







IF: How was your relationship with the Rangers fans?


RdB: They are amazing.


It was great for me to play at Ibrox, that pitch was incredibly energetic.


We had a great feeling, I carry a beautiful memory with me of the fans.



IF: Can you tell us a little anecdote from your period in Scotland?


Rdb: After the first two years, in which I was often injured, the press had targeted me, attacked me. I was sick and suffered during that period.


The third year I was physically good, I had a great season, scoring many goals and helping the team to win the championship.


At the end of a match in which I had scored two goals, I went to the reporters and took my revenge: “The player you were looking for, here he is!”